Friday Fail: The Sportsdrome Speedway Throwdown


Fast cars, burning rubber, and flying fists.

In hockey, there’s a certain code of conduct or set of unwritten rules that players stick to while playing. If an opposing player does something to violate these unwritten rules such as taking a run at your team’s goaltender, they can expect to be fought. It’s the players’ way of controlling certain aspects of the game.

But that’s hockey, not auto racing.

For this week’s Friday Fail we travel down to Clarksville, Indiana at the Sportsdrome Speedway. Reportedly, two drivers had been swapping a little paint on the pace lap (because if you ain’t rubbin’, you ain’t racin’) which soon escalated when the driver of the red car got spun by the black and green car. Obviously infuriated, the driver of the red car drove across the infield and T-boned the offending driver at approximately 40 – 50 mph.

With the race still in progress, both drivers got out of their cars and began fighting each other for a brief period before race officials could intervene and break up the two. As a result of the fight and driving across the infield, both drivers were suspended for a long time.

[Source: jeffcats YouTube Channel]

What was the craziest thing that you’ve ever seen during a race? Leave a comment and let us know!


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