The new Ferrari F70 is HERE…Kind of

Ferrari F70 China

Take a peek!

It’s almost here; it’s so close you can taste it. The sound of a roaring V-12 at high RPMs is echoing through our minds and those sweet and sexy curves dressed in Ferrari red. We are, of course, talking about the new Ferrari F70 – the Enzo successor that’s been speculated about for quite some time.

Now, we have our first unofficial image of the production version!!! Yes, it’s getting closer, but we still have to be patient. Its rumored 7.3-liter V-12 with KERS producing somewhere in the vicinity of 930 horsepower and low 2,500-lb. weight is almost here.

The unofficial picture was snapped by someone at a private party in China and shows us a glimpse of the front fascia. It’s not much, but it has all of us at MotoringExposure bursting with excitement.

[Source: F70 Facebook page]

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