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Watch a Crazy Mitsubishi Evo X Crash & Rollover – Video

Onboard footage of a brutal crash.

Racing can be extremely fun, competitive, and dangerous. Thankfully today’s cars offer a bit more protection than the open-cockpit racers of the past strapped with leather helmets and goggles. Safety advancements have done quite a bit to save lives and prevent serious injuries in the sport, although it can be argued that it will never be completely eliminated so long as we are behind the wheel.

The driver of the #52 T2 Mitsubishi Evolution X is one such person that was saved from serious injury thanks to a number of safety technologies at the 2012 Cumberland National SCCA Race at Pittsburg International Race Complex. During the race, the driver’s-side front tire was punctured which caused the driver to lose control in turn no.9. The race car slid into a metal barrier at high speed and flipped a number of times before coming to rest right-side-up.

Thankfully he was okay and did not suffer any serious injuries from the crash.

[Source: Kinger124 YouTube Channel]

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