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Friday FAIL: Celica Causes a Seven-Vehicle Accident

Friday FAIL: Seven-Car Crash in Australia

Six seconds where all hell breaks loose.

It only took a matter of moments before seven vehicles crashed with one of them rolling over on the M5 motorway in Sydney, Australia, on the afternoon of June 22nd.

It all started with a Toyota Celica driving at a higher rate of speed than other traffic in the left lane. According to the dashcam video from the tractor trailer driving in the middle lane, the Celica failed to brake and rear-ended the Toyota RAV4 ahead, just as it began to turn left to avoid the collision. This caused the RAV4 to move off-balance and turn sideways, flipping the SUV into the middle and right lanes.

Friday FAIL: Seven-Car Crash in Australia

As the RAV4 flipped, it was hit by two cars traveling in the middle and right lanes, respectively. Both drivers including the dashcam-equipped tractor trailer attempted to brake and avoid the accident, but there was not enough room or time.

During all of this, the Celica’s attempt to turn and avoid hitting the RAV4 caused it to drive right into the Toyota Hilux that was parked on the pull-off area.

According to the DailyMail, the driver of the RAV4 and the Hilux were both taken to the hospital with minor injuries and released shortly after. Police have not concluded their investigation into the accident nor have they charged any drivers in the seven-car accident.

Pay attention and don’t be stupid while driving, folks.

Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia YouTube, DailyMail

What do you think this Toyota Celica driver should be charged with for causing this accident?


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