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Friday FAIL: That Moment When Your Mom Hits your Motorcycle

Friday FAIL Mom Crashes into Son

“Watch out for idiots.”

Moms are the ones that will nag, nag, and nag you in an effort to make sure that you, their child, is safe at all times. No matter how old you are or what you’re doing, your Mother is going to be worried that you’re safe and okay, especially with a motorcycle.

Well, even they can screw up sometimes.

Friday FAIL Mom Crashes into Son

This mother had just finished a conversation with her son in a parking lot when they both went their separate ways – her in a Hyundai and he on his motorcycle. Her parting words were: “Watch out for idiots.”

Oh if she only knew what was about to happen.

After a short time of driving, the helmet-camera-wearing son came to a stop at an intersection where he was rear-ended by his own mother. The son, rightfully upset, drops a few expletives but appears to be okay aside from being shaken up.

Now about those idiots we should watch out for…

Source: The Indio YouTube

How mad would you be at your Mother if she hit you with her car?


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