Watch The Leviathan get Pulled Over for no Front Plates

Pulled Over McLaren No Front Plate

We’ve all been there.

As car guys, we’ve all gotten pulled over at some point in our driving lives for a minor equipment violation. Some states/providences/countries require different things and a front license plate can be one of them – just ask the.leviathan.

In his latest video, he gets caught in downtown Toronto by a police officer standing along the side of the road for not having a front license plate displayed.

Pulled Over McLaren No Front Plate

Thankfully, both the police officers were understanding of the fact that he had just purchased the car a week ago and hadn’t had a chance to install it yet.

With that being said, it brings up the age-old conundrum that many of us car guys ask ourselves: should we install a front plate and ruin the look of our car or do we like being pulled over ALL THE TIME?

That, folks, is the ultimate question (for us that live in areas requiring front plates).

Source: the.leviathan

If you owned a McLaren 650S Spider, would you mount a front plate?


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