Ferrari gives us a glimpse of the F70’s Sexy Rear End

Ferrari F70 Rear Teaser

The most anticipated butt to come out of Maranello.

None of us can wait for Ferrari to officially unveil the F70 hyper car and give us a true successor to the Enzo. We’ve already seen one blurry cell phone picture of the car at a private showing in China, but this time we have a pair of official teasers thanks to the automaker’s official online magazine.

The two pictures give us a glimpse as to what the front fascia and rear end will look like on the Ferrari F70. We’ve already seen a bit of the front bumper, so the big news here is the sexy rear end that reveals two LED circular taillights, the outline of the two rear fenders, and other new styling cues.

Ferrari F70 Rear Teaser

Just knowing that it was going to have 800 horsepower coming from a new V-12 engine and a KERS system that’s good for an additional 100 ponies had us excited. After seeing some teaser shots, we might be more excited about the design of the Ferrari F70…

[Source: Ferrari Magazine via TeamSpeed]

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