Enjoy the Audi DTM Teams and the 2012 Season in Slow-Mo – Video

Slowing things down one RPM at a time.

In racing, it can sometimes be hard to appreciate all of the minor details and intricacies that are involved in every race, in every car, and with every team. Slowing things down from the high-octane, fast-paced competition displays the beauty, power, motion, and teamwork that are involved with every team.

Thankfully, the team at ClashProduction covered the Nürburgring race and all of the Audi A5 DTM teams, and was able to slow things down for all of us to enjoy. The video has everything from pre-race prepping to the winner’s podium celebration – all in slow motion.

[Source: Clash Production]

What was your favorite clip from the slow-motion Audi DTM video? Leave a comment and let us know!


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