Friday FAIL: Silly Teixeira, You Can’t Pass Like That!


Going airborne to pass.

Racing is an ultra-competitive sport in which drivers and teams will do any little thing to gain an advantage and take home the checkered flag. With the strict regulations and penalties for the smallest of things, drivers often push the limits of the rules on the track to pass and gain a position.

Ricardo Teixeira took that to a whole new level during the second race of the 2010 Formula 2 season in Morocco. As Teixeira came to one of the turns in the middle of the pack, he attempted to pass Ivan Samarin, who was in front of him at the time. Samarin applied the brakes as Teixeira attempted his pass, and caused him to slam into the back of his car, launching the Portuguese-Angolan driver into the air – and past a good portion of the racers he was attempting to pass!

Teixeira’s flying attempt to pass was caught on Paul Rees’ onboard camera in the first video after the 1:00-minute mark. We can only imagine what went through his mind when he saw a car flying through the air past him.

Fortunately, the high-speed, airborne crash did not result in any injuries. It did, however, cause numerous other cars to crash.


Source: FIAFormula2 and Pirincho aldz YouTube Channels

Is this the greatest pass in racing, ever or just a big FAIL?


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