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Ken Box does a Ken Block Gymkhana


A Ken Block parody.

Ken Block is famous for his crazy driving in the Gymkhana videos. He speeds, swerves, and slides through all sorts of tight corners and does some insane stunts that require some amazing driving skills. They’re the stuff of internet legend and now there’s a new Gymkhana driver at the helm – Ken Box.

The folks at Razor were such big fans of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos that they decided to make their own using the electric Razor Crazy Cart at their warehouse. They dressed the Crazy Cart up with a Monster Energy Ford Focus livery and made an entire course for the driftable cart. The video includes all the wacky antics you’d expect from a Ken Block Gymkhana video such as a (professional) gorilla, a forklift, and a banana.

Source: CrazyCartTV

Is the Ken Box Gymkhana the coolest Gymkhana video yet?


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