Friday FAIL: How to Tow a Mazda

(Warning: some NSFW language)

Towing: You’re doing it wrong.

Seeing your car battered and torn up from an accident is never a pretty sight (unless you want it totaled for insurance), especially when it’s sitting on its side. Usually, a tow truck will come and help flip the car over and hook it up so that you can be on your merry way and deal with the fun insurance and repair process.

One driver had an unfortunate accident with their Mazda3. The car was resting on its side and needed a tow truck to help it get upright before it could be taken away. Things were going pretty normal with the tow truck operator pulling the car upright with a chain. But, things took a turn for the worse as the chain snapped as the car was turned over and the car began to roll in neutral…down the slope on the other side of the road.

There’s not much that the tow truck operator could’ve done after the chain snapped to stop the car from rolling, but the situation went from bad to even worse.

Source: Jon Liao YouTube Channel

What would you do if this happened to your car?


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