The Duel: Audi S3 vs Audi Sport quattro


New vs old matchup.

Audi’s most iconic car ever produced is unquestionably the Sport Quattro. The car made its mark in the world of motorsports with its Quattro all-wheel drive system and turbocharged inline-five cylinder engine. There’s a new guy on the scene at Audi, and it is looking to duke it out with the old icon.

The Audi S3 has very similar specifications as the Sport Quattro. It has a turbocharged engine spitting out 296 bhp and a six-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive. The 1983 Audi Sport Quattro has an impressive 302 bhp and five-speed manual with all-wheel drive as well.

So who’s better? Well, Audi had Stig Blomqvist get behind the wheel of the Sport Quattro and Hermann Müller drive the S3 at the old rally track in San Remo. One car had a 6:17 time while the other came in at 6:23. We’re not going to say who won, so watch the video and find out!

Source: Audi

Would you rather have the Audi S3 or Audi Sport Quattro?


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