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TaxTheRich is Back with a Ferrari 288 GTO Thrashing!


A little bit of rally, a little bit of drifting, and a few burnouts with some fireworks.

YouTube user, TaxTheRich100, has quite a garage and he’s not afraid to put the cars inside of it to use. He’s put his Ferrari F50, Jaguar XJ220, Ferrari Enzo, and other cars to use in some very different ways, usually thrashing them around his property as they spun their tires, went off-roading, and spit out some flames.

The latest video stars the legendary Ferrari 288 GTO and some fireworks. The classic supercar goes off-road, down a long rally-style road, and into some drifting before figure-eights around fireworks.

Source: TaxTheRich100 YouTube Channel

Is this how you properly use a Ferrari 288 GTO?


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