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We want a Ghe-O Rescue Just Because


Go through anything with ease.

Romania may be known for its blood-sucking Vampire tales involving Dracula aka Vlad the Impaler and his castle, not its automotive industry. But, Ghe-O Motors is making their mark with a vehicle that does not give a damn about what is in front of it.

The new Ghe-O Rescue is a specially-designed emergency rescue vehicle that can carry up to 11 people and tips the scales at 3.2 tons. It can be fitted with a range of gasoline and diesel engines with up to 500 horsepower and even tugs along a 620 liter water tank that fills pillows to float over water. It can be fitted with a plow, top cargo section, medical stretcher, and more.

And it doesn’t care what kind of terrain lies ahead because it will plow through it with ease. And we want one.

Source: Ghe-O Motors YouTube

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