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Spy Video: Ferrari Working on High-Performance F1 Sleigh for Santa


Making that trip around the world even faster.

Move over Rudolph, Santa’s going to have a new method of propulsion during Christmas of 2013 and it’s going to wear a prancing horse logo.

Santa has been preparing for the holiday season by partnering up with Ferrari and their Formula One team. At the Fiorano circuit, Ferrari engineers were spotted by the ever-vigilant Marchettino on video working with old Saint Nicholas as they pulled his sleigh using the 2013 Ferrari F1 F138 Formula One racer.

This is likely going to spawn a lot of speculation as to what the new 2013 model-year Sleigh will look like and how it will be powered. It could be a hybrid powertrain, turbocharged V-8, or maybe even one of the new turbocharged V-6s for the upcoming Formula One season. It seems as though Santa has opted to go with a classic exterior design with a few minor updates on his sleigh for the holiday.

Santa’s official 2013 sleigh will be unveiled on December 24th on a rooftop near you at stand 25 at 11:00 PM. A live webcast will also be made available at a later date.

Source: Marchettino

Are you looking forward to Santa’s upcoming 2013 model-year sleigh powered by a Ferrari engine?


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