Friday FAIL: The Dick Audi Driver

(Warning, NSFW language)

The ongoing bicyclist vs. car war rages on.

The war for space on the road has been raging for decades between vehicles and bicyclists. They hate each other and fight over space on the road. One thing that we’ve seen is that there are always jerks whether you’re on two or four wheels. This Audi driver is one of those jerks.

In London, a few cyclists stop at an intersection in the bicycle lane, only to meet a white Audi sitting beside them in their lane. So, one bicyclist tells the driver he’s in the wrong lane, to which the Audi driver responds by gunning it to the next intersection. The cyclists pedal to the next intersection where the dick Audi driver is waiting – again, in the bicycle lane.

So, the cyclist that originally said something to the car yells a few obscenities at the driver, which were arguably well deserved, and Audi driver wasn’t having any of that. The Audi driver got out, punches the cyclist, and pushes him off of his bicycle.

There’s a reason that vehicles aren’t allowed in the bike lane. Tons of metal don’t go well with two-wheeled bicycles with people on them. Hopefully the Audi driver gets charged with assault, but for now, he has the distinction of being this week’s Friday FAIL.

Source: Jude Bug YouTube Channel

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a jerk is this Audi driver?


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