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Godzilla on the Track: Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 2014


The GT3 field better watch itself in 2014.

Nissan’s GT-Rs have conquered and captured their higher-priced competition with their high-tech drivetrain and incredible performance. That same success is translating to the world of motorsports where the JRM Group support program for customer teams in Europe, Middle East and Russia is looking to take a more than a couple of podiums in the 2014 racing season.

JRM Group has worked closely with Nissan and NISMO to create some of the best GT-R GT3 race cars in the world. Peter Dumbreck and Matt Bell, along with Steve Smith each explain how the GT-R GT3 from JRM Group is something to watch out for, and should be a force in the 2014 racing seasons.

You want GT-R? We’ve got it.

Source: ClashProduction

Is the JRM Nissan GT-R GT3 one of the best race cars in the GT3 class?


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