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Remembering Ayrton Senna


Twenty years ago, the world lost an icon.

Ask some of the most talented and successful racing drivers in the world who the best ever was and you’ll likely hear one name: Ayrton Senna. It was on this day, 20 years ago at the 1994 San Monaco Grand Prix that the Brazilian driver lost his life and changed the sport forever.

Senna achieved great success in racing with 41 wins, 80 podiums, and three Formula 1 world championships to go along with his success in other forms of racing. He was a passionate competitor and likely one of the greatest to ever get behind the wheel.

Although he was known for his skill, he quietly donated a great deal of his personal wealth towards helping poor children in his home country of Brazil and started work on creating the Instituto Ayrton Senna to help children shortly before his passing.

The tragic crash that led to the passing of Senna was a catalyst for greater safety measures in Formula 1 racing. Since then, there have been no more fatal accidents in the sport.

Source: amer37365 YouTube Channel

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