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More Friday FAIL: Idiots Intentionally Crash at a Car Meet

Friday FAIL Dublin Car Meet

Yup, that seems like a great idea.

Car meets are usually fun places to hang out and meet other automotive enthusiasts while checking out some pretty cool cars. In Dublin, Ireland things are a bit crazier at car meets lately. Thanks to a bunch of idiots, a few cars have been stolen and intentionally crashed into various things on public roads in the middle of traffic.

Not only is this incredibly illegal, but it’s stupid all the way around. First, you’re endangering the lives of others; second, you’re endangering your own life; third, you’re destroying a valuable vehicle that someone has worked hard to buy and/or modify.

One person with a cell phone handy was able to capture one of the incidents on camera as the driver hit and knocked down a street lamp, drove past traffic and a large crowd, and then backed up into another lamp before leaving the scene.

We hope that the police are able to throw these guys in jail.



How stupid are these drivers intentionally crashing cars at meets?


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