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Could Børning be better than the Fast and Furious Series?


They might do things a bit better up in Norway.

We all love a good movie with fast cars and racing. If you can speak Norwegian or don’t mind subtitles, then it looks like you may be in for a real treat. Børning a Norwegian film about racing from Oslo to North Cape is going to be hitting theatres soon and it has all of the sports cars, muscle cars, and high-octane racing action that we love.

The film stars Baasmo Anders Christiansen, Sven Nordin, Otto Jespersen, Jenny Skavlan and Henrik Mestad and was directed by Hallvard Bræin. The action/comedy details a group of 26 racers as they try and reach North Cape first, which sits at the northernmost point in the country, through all sorts of superb driving roads and obstacles.

Hopefully it makes its way over to the United States with some subtitles for us to enjoy. If not, the engine notes and action scenes should be enough for us to enjoy. Børning is set to hit theatres in Norway on August 13th.


Source: SF Film Norge

Does Børning look like it could be better than the Fast and Furious movies?


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