The First Customer Ferrari LaFerrari Crash in Monaco will Make You Cry


Ferrari LaFerrari Crash

Insurance is going to be happy with this claim.

The new Ferrari LaFerrari is an instant classic and the epitome of technology and performance from the Italian automaker. With only 499 examples being built for customers at a cool £1m+ a piece, it’s a rare, expensive automobile.

In Monaco, you’re more likely to come across one of these in the sea of high-end luxury cars and exotics gliding through the wealthy French Riviera city-state. Unfortunately, Monaco was also the site of the first customer Ferrari LaFerrari crash.

In what is easily going to be a gigantic insurance headache, the 950-hp hybrid hypercar collided with a Volkswagen Golf. The two cars hit pretty hard as evident by the extensive damage to both front fascias.

So far, no details on who was at fault or how the crash occurred have been released. Someone though (hopefully insurance) will be forking over a boatload of money to fix the damage.

Source: HF Instagram, The Supercar Kids

What would you do if you crashed your new Ferrari LaFerrari shortly after buying it?


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