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Is This Real Life? Record-Setting Hillclimb Edition

Jos Goodyear record hillclimb

This video hasn’t been sped-up, folks.

You may think that you’ve seen some seriously fast laps/runs/stages in your time as an automotive enthusiast, but you’ve likely never seen anything like this.

At the 2014 Doune Hill Climb in Scotland, Jos Goodyear and his 400 horsepower, supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa GWR Raptor broke a record by almost half of a second in what looks like someone hit fast-forward on video.

The previous record was held Scott Moran in 2009 where he put down a 35.62-second run through the twists and turns of the hillclimb. That was broken by Goodyear as he recorded a mind-bogglingly fast 35.05-second time.

Goodyear showed off some seriously impressive driving skills, insane reactions, and his careful preparation with his recorded run. If it wasn’t for the video, most of us wouldn’t be believing the record-setting time. Heck, even the video looks like it is being fast-forwarded under normal speed.


Source: Jos Goodyear YouTube

Is this the quickest hillclimb run that you’ve ever seen?


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