Friday FAIL: Drunk Driver, Meet Police Cruiser

Drunk Driver FAIL

Don’t drink and drive, guys.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is never, ever a good idea. Get a ride, be responsible, and save a life. We cannot stress this fact enough as it not only puts your life in danger, but the lives of everyone on the road in danger as well.

On June 17th, Phillip Marress was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and Percocet and driving home. When he got to one intersection, a Montgomery Township police officer was sitting in their cruiser behind two cars, facing Maress.

When the light turned green, Maress in his alleged drunken state sped through the intersection and right towards the two vehicles in front of the cruiser. He smashed into both, causing the most damage to the Jeep, flipped over his car, and landed right into the police cruiser, upside-down, essentially begging the police to put him in handcuffs.

Not only does Maress get a big FAIL for driving while impaired (allegedly), but hitting two cars and then flipping yours right into a police cruiser is just too perfect.

On top of it, Maress didn’t appear to be too concerned at the accident or understand why everybody was so upset with his actions. According to CBS Philly,

“Officers who approached his overturned car say he told them he didn’t understand why everyone was so upset about the incident.

In the arrest warrant, an officer stated, “He did not appear the least bit concerned over the situation…telling ambulance personnel that he had a double shot and two beers, and he takes Percocet.”

That’s just the cherry on top for this guy. Currently, Maress is now out on bail.


Source: CBS Philly, Josh Bo Youtube

How stupid is this alleged drunk driver?


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