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Watch the Ferrari LaFerrari XX Break its Suspension

Ferrari LaFerrari XX Suspension Break

That camber doesn’t look right.

Rumors have been swirling and spy photos have been taken of the new, top-secret Ferrari LaFerrari XX being tested by the Italian automaker. The super-exclusive, track-focused hypercar will likely be the fastest production vehicle that Ferrari has ever made, but it looks like it has a few kinks to work out before it goes into production.

Luckily, NM2255 Car HD Videos was able to film the prototype as it was going through its paces at the Monza circuit. During the test laps, the driver must’ve pushed the car past its mechanical limits because one of the suspension pieces breaks at the 2:10-mark and you can see some serious camber issues going on with the passenger-side rear wheel.

Either that, or Ferrari is also developing some super-top-secret automatically-adjustable suspension system that changes the camber. But, we’re guessing that’s not the case.


Source: NM2255 Car HD Videos

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