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The Ford Speed Dating Prank is Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Ford Speed Date Prank

The perfect car enthusiast date.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, Ford thought they they’d trick a few guys looking for love with a blind date prank with a beautiful stunt driver and a new Ford Mustang GT. They ended up with some very surprised and excited reactions.

Ford Speed Date Prank

Ford was able to hook a few guys up on a blind date with a test driver, who asked them questions about themselves, just as anyone would on a first date. When they left, they went in her car, a new Ford Mustang GT with six-speed manual. The test driver played stupid with how to properly drive the manual gearbox until they ended up in an empty parking lot where the hoonage happened.

All of the guys were surprised and shocked when they found out about the prank. We’d just like to know where we can go on blind dates like this, even if they are fake.

Source: Ford

Was this a good trick to pull on unsuspecting guys with the new Ford Mustang GT?


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