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Watch Rob Parsons and the Chairslayer Foundation Tear up the Track!

Rob Parsons Chairslayer

Not letting a wheelchair stop his dream of driving.

Rob Parsons is a pretty energetic, off-the-wall character that enjoyed all kinds of fast-paced extreme sports from skiing to drifting. After suffering some very serious leg and back injuries from a dirt bike accident, his legs were left paralyzed – but he hasn’t let that stop him.

Parsons has taken up a new direction in his need for adrenaline – adaptive motorsports.

Rob Parsons Chairslayer

Armed with some background in drifting, Parsons was able to build an adaptive Nissan 180xs for Formula D spec competition. Parsons built the car from the ground up with a pretty innovative driving setup that allows him to shift gears, brake, and control the throttle with a lever next to the steering wheel. Unlike the traditional pedal setup, Parsons can actually drive this car better than he did three years prior; before his dirt bike accident.

But that’s only part of the story; Parsons is using his 600-horsepower, hand-controlled adaptive car to teach others that are unable to use their legs how to drive through his Chairslayer Foundation.

Keep on driving, Rob!

Source: Keep Drifting Fun


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