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This Polish Furious 7 Parody is a Must-See

Polish Furious 7 Parody


The highly-anticipated Furious 7 film has become instantly popular and moviegoers are swarming theatres to see Paul Walker’s final film. Although the movie is very significant in that regard, that hasn’t stopped the creation of parodies.

Polish Furious 7 Parody

Cyber Marian, a Polish comedy troupe with a very popular YouTube channel created one of the more comical parodies as they lip-sync to quotes from the movie and act out scenes with low-budget cars and special effects.

It’s so low-budget that it’s hilariously funny as the group speeds around in rusted Fiats blowing smoke in an empty field with a gun-wielding motorcyclist.

The hair and glasses make it even better.

Source: Cyber Marian

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