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Crazy Carts + Toys R Us = Awesome

XCAR Crazy Carts

XCAR takes to the aisles.

One of the coolest toys for us grown adults is the Razor Crazy Cart. The mini cart inspires all sorts of hooniganism and drifting antics. It brings out the power-sliding kid in us all and is quite possibly the ultimate toy.

XCAR Crazy Carts

So, the team at XCAR decided to take them around a closed Toys R Us store for some immature awesomeness.

After hiding and staying past closing time, the two racers strapped in for some Crazy Cart hoonage using everything from Nerf toy guns to other plastic weapons before getting caught by security snacking on candy. It’s every kid’s (and adult’s) dream.

Source: XCARFilms

How much fun would it be to drive these Crazy Carts in an empty Toy Store?


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