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How to do a crazy Corvette Burnout in Public

Corvette Burnout

We don’t advise this. At all.

Doing burnouts and lighting up the rear tires until you are enveloped in a cloud of smoke is fun and a good way to show off your car. Doing so on a public street isn’t something that we would not recommend AT ALL, but this guy sure knows a thing or two about controlling a car.

Corvette Burnout

This driver basically shows us all what the best, most rebellious way to exit a parking lot by spinning around then making a cloud of tire smoke with their Chevrolet Corvette. While the rear tires are spinning, they manage to stay in their lane and drive right up to traffic.

It’s a very impressive feat, but don’t ever try it. Ever. We don’t want to write about you on Friday FAIL.

Source: Matt Last

How crazy is this monster burnout?


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