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Save of the Year or Idiot of the Year? Ferrari Test Drive Craziness

Ferrari F430 Test Drive Save

One close call on a test drive.

Taking a Ferrari for a test drive is an exciting experience. Getting behind one of the iconic Prancing Horse badges and stepping on the throttle is something that only a very few people are able to do. It’s important not to mess things up by crashing said Ferrari on a test drive either.

Eduardo Freitas was taking a Ferrari F430 on a test drive through public roads in Maranello when a car turned into his lane without looking, according to him. After frantically braking, he flicked the wheel and was able to maneuver around the first car and the car coming right for them in the oncoming lane.

Ferrari F430 Test Drive Save

The turn of events was undoubtedly scary and filled with adrenaline. Thanks to some very quick reactions and control, Freitas was able to avoid a devastating crash.

Now, could this all have been avoided if he was driving slower on these public roads? More than likely, yes. Can we fault him for wanting to push a Ferrari on a test drive? No, but we would never recommend it either.

This maneuver is definitely a save of the year candidate, but also comes as a result of a bit of stupidity from both the driver and the car pulling out. Just be responsible out there, folks.

Source: Eduardo Freitas YouTube

Is this driver an idiot for almost hitting a car on a Ferrari test drive or very lucky to avoid a crash?


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