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The Lamborghini Mustang Gets All the Reactions

Ferrari F430 Lambo Mustang


If you drive a super car, you’re going to get reactions almost anywhere you go – except if you live in a place like Monaco. They’re rare, high-performance things of automotive beauty and sometimes people – including enthusiasts like us – have to stop and pay a compliment.

Ferrari F430 Lambo Mustang

This Ferrari F430 owner in Toronto going by the YouTube name ‘the.leviathan’, packs an in-car camera and loves to film all of the incredible reactions and comments he gets while driving through the city. Some are playful, some are funny, and some are just downright moronic. Many confuse it for a “Lambo” and it has even gained the nickname as being the “Lamborghini Mustang” from one pedestrian.

Well, this “Lamborghini Mustang” was taken out for another spin for some reactions and a few are just priceless. From the confusion between a Ferrari and Lamborghini to the Chevrolet Cavalier that will “…blow your doors off”, it’s all brilliant.

Stay tuned for more from the.leviathan, he has quite a few ideas up his sleeve.

Source: the.leviathan

How priceless are these reactions to driving a Ferrari F430?


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