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5 Reasons why Our Favorite Ferrari Owner Hates Driving in Toronto

Ferrari F430 Lamborghini Mustang

Pet peeves that get old very quick.

Many of us dream to one day be able to own and drive a Ferrari, but the owner of the ‘Lamborghini Mustang’ Ferrari F430 in Toronto shows that it isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be sometimes.

Ferrari F430 Lamborghini Mustang

Armed with his dashcam, the.leviathan was able to highlight five of his biggest annoyances while driving his Ferrari F430 around Toronto. There’s the bad parkers, oblivious drivers, trash-talkers, jaywalkers that are mesmerized by the super car, and those oh-so-lovely pothole-ridden streets from northern winters.

We’re all prone to experiencing these idiots and annoying people on the roads, but it’s amplified when you’re driving a six-figure vehicle.

Even with all these “issues” that can pop up from time to time, owning and driving a Ferrari is still an awesome experience.

Source: the.leviathan

How many of these problems have you faced while driving your car?


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