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Take in the Automotive Glory that is Cars and Coffee Torino

Cars and Coffee Torino

Anything and everything you could ever want.

Cars and Coffee shows are some of the most fantastic automotive gatherings to attend. They’re filled with spectacular automobiles both new and old, and are have great enthusiasts willing to chat. Oh, and there’s coffee too.

Cars and Coffee Torino

Cars and Coffee Torino, Italy is arguably on another level compared to other events around the United States. Everything that you could ever dream of seeing both new and old made an appearance from the classic Ferraris, Lancias, Jaguars, and Alpines, to the cult-classics and modern-day exotics. There was even some American muscle that made an appearance all the way across the Atlantic.

The event is a dream car show, and was beautifully captured on video by the team at Clashproduction, directed by Mattia Merli. It’s worth a watch or five.

Source: Clashproduction

What was your favorite car at Cars and Coffee Torino 2015?


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