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Watch Jay Leno Go Undercover with UberBlack!

Jay Leno Undercover UberBlack

Getting ready for the new show!

Car enthusiasts can rejoice! During a time where there is a lack of automotive shows on television and the old Top Gear UK guys are in between networks, Jay Leno is coming to the rescue with Jay Leno’s Garage premiering on Wednesday, October 7 at 10P ET/PT on CNBC.

Jay Leno Undercover UberBlack

The new show will help to satisfy the craving for automotive content and bring his famous Youtube videos to the television screen.

To help promote the new show, the comedian and car enthusiast went undercover and was dressed heavily in makeup as an UberBlack driver. The unsuspecting riders were quizzed by Leno who then revealed his true identity after plugging his upcoming show.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

Are you excited for the premiere of Jay Leno’s Garage on TV?


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