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The Gumpert Apollo Sport Is Pretty Badass

Gumpert Apollo Sport

Those weird super cars from Germany look crazy but sound amazing.

Gumpert may have been liquidated after bankruptcy, but its small run of insanely-styled cars still own tracks around the globe and it’s easy to see and hear why.

Gumpert Apollo Sport

The Gumpert Apollo Sport features a 4.2-liter, Audi-sourced V-8 engine strapped with two turbochargers pumping out 700 metric-horsepower. It’s clad in all sorts of carbon fiber panels, a tubular chromoly frame, and wears all sorts of hardcore aerodynamics. It also tips the scales at just 2,400 lbs., making for one hell of an acceleration experience.

Thankfully, these bad boys still roam various tracks on occasion and this one was caught at the Nürburgring Nordschleife letting its baritone roar echo through the track as it passes traffic with ease.

Source: Gumbal YouTube

Do you like the evil sounds of the Gumpert Apollo Sport?


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