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This Real-Life GTA Parody is Spot On

Real LIfe GTA V

Gettin’ crazy in Los Santos.

In case you’ve missed it, ’Grand Theft Auto V’ has been one of the biggest video games since it was released in 2013. It has a massive environment and that’s very interactive and riddled with gems and surprises to keep you entertained and hibernating for eternity.

Real LIfe GTA V

Just like all the other previous editions of the game, ’Grand Theft Auto V’ has been the subject of controversy and criticism that seemingly helps to boost its popularity. Accusations that it will inspire users to commit crimes in real life are the biggest condemnation, but this real-life GTA V parody is just so spot on.

Armed with some high-tech gadgets and drones, the CorridorDigital team was able to create a real-life version of ’Grand Theft Auto V’ set in Los Santos. Everything from the money dropped by characters in the game to the scenery and landmarks has been made to perfection.

Source: CorridorDigital YouTube

How realistic is this live-action Grand Theft Auto V?


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