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Oh those Automotive YouTubers…

Shit Automotive Youtubers Say

And the sh*t they say!

Thanks to technology and the wide-open world of social media where anyone and everyone can be a star, we have millions of people “reviewing” cars. We think that’s a good thing. Even though there are so many taking cars out for a spin for others to see, there are quite a few things that each and every one of them do that can get annoying.

Shit Automotive Youtubers Say

Vehicle Virgins put together a ‘Sh*t Automotive Youtubers Say’ parody video that pretty much nails all your favorite video stars and their quirks. From the people that constantly refer to Jeremy Clarkson’s quotes to those that promote things while pretending they’re not being sponsored, this video is pretty spot-on.

See if you can identify all of the references!

Source: Vehicle Virgins YouTube

How spot on is this ‘Sh*t Automotive Youtubers Say’ video?


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