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When it’s time to get Serious about your Evo, Bro

Punk Ricer Evo

Because Driftcar.

Sometimes you just have to trade in that Accord and pick-up an Evo. The drift lifestyle fueled by massive amounts of boost is just too enticing for some, and this “Punk Ricer” describing his new-to-him-but-beat-to-hell fake Mitsubishi Evolution is just pure comedy gold.

Punk Ricer Evo

There’s Home Depot upgrades, weight-reduction body damage, so much boost on a turbo-less car, and bumble-bee seats that sting him in the ass every time he gets in. Two different kinds of wheels and a huge spoiler wing are for serious track-day driving and drifting.

Best of all – Lambo doors, bro.

Source: Haggard Garage YouTube

How funny was this owner’s description of his Mitsubishi Evolution?


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