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Experience Insanity by Going 0-316 MPH in 3.77 Seconds!

Shawn Langdon POV Drag Race

NHRA Top Fuel POV.

There are types of racing that require a massive set of cajones, and NHRA Top Fuel drag racing is one of them. Everything about these racers and the drivers that somehow manage to control them is just absurdly extreme.

Shawn Langdon POV Drag Race

This video from 2013 NHRA Top Fuel champion Shawn Langdon’s helmet proves just how insane this kind of racing can be. The run from Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park shows him doing a 3.77-second run to 316 mph.

Stop and just wrap your head around that for a moment. That’s not 3.77 seconds to 60 mph, 100 mph, or even 200 mph.; that’s 3.77 seconds to 316 mph. Three-hundred-and-sixteen miles-per-hour.

That’s batshit crazy.

Source: DonSchumacherRacing’s channel

How mind-bendingly crazy is this POV video of a 3.77-second 0-316 mph run?


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