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Muscle vs Tuner is back with ‘The Know it All’!

Muscle vs Tuner That Guy

That one guy…

We’ve all met him; that one guy at car shows, shops, work, etc. that just knows everything that there is to know about cars and wants to give you advice whether you like it or not.

Muscle vs Tuner That Guy

No matter what you do or what you say, they’re always there, throwing in their two cents with your car and others, because, well they know everything.

Muscle vs. Tuner is back to profile that one guy that annoys everybody and boasts about their knowledge and experience, no matter how much it annoys the hell out of you. The sad thing is that we all know one too.

Warning, NSFW language

Source: Muscle vs Tuner

Do you know someone like this that “knows everything” about cars?


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