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Friday FAIL: Another Driver Shows Off and Crashes

Friday FAIL Mustang Show Off Crash

Way to take out an innocent car too.

This is why we cannot have nice things, fellow car enthusiasts. At almost every car show, there’s always at least one driver who tries to show off by peeling out when they’re leaving. Most of the time it happens without incident, but there’s always a risk for something bad to happen.

At a recent Cars and Coffee event in Chicago, one Ford Mustang driver peeled out, lost control, and hit another car that was stopped in the middle lane, waiting to make a left-turn.

Friday FAIL Mustang Show Off Crash

Think about that for a second. Another driver who had nothing to do with the show and was just going about their normal business got rear-ended hard because of a guy that wanted to show off.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt due to the driver’s reckless behavior and loss of control on the dry pavement.

What’s worse is that according to the video uploader, a Pontiac GTO did the same thing and almost got into an accident prior to this crash.

As a collective group of automotive enthusiasts, let’s make a more concerted effort to not be stupid by driving recklessly. Accidents like this and worse can always happen, and it’s not worth it at all.

Source: PriorPhotos YouTube

How stupid was this Ford Mustang driver trying to show off and crashing into a stopped car?


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