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This is one of the Coolest Hillclimbs you’ll Ever See

Race Tractor hill climb

Every kind of vehicle tearing up a hill.

Hillclimbs are some of the most entertaining, fun, and crazy forms of motorsport. Cars go as fast as they possibly can up winding roads, pushing the limits of man and machine. While sports cars are usually the stars of the show, unconventional vehicles can easily steal the spotlight with their absurdity.

Race Tractor hill climb

At the 11th running of the Côte de Holtz hillclimb in 2010, many of your favorite amateur- and professionally-built sports cars, compacts, super cars, and even Formula cars were put through their paces on the wet roads between Luxembourg and Belgium.

And while it’s entertaining to watch and listen to these machines tear through the roadways, the custom-built race tractors/trucks were easily the most fun to watch.

These unconventional monsters of agricultural racing had names like the “Green Monsterchicken”, “MW Kauten”, and “Welle Piti”. Although they were slow, they were the stars of the show.

Source: lems2 YouTube

Would you want to drive a race tractor in a hillclimb event?


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