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We all want to be Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson Ice Drifting

…just to drive all of his cars.

Admit it, you want to be world-class alpine skier, Jon Olsson. His collection of cars is more than enough reason to want to switch places with him, and his latest VLOG only adds fuel to the fire.

Jon Olsson Ice Drifting

At an ice track in Europe, Olsson, along with many of his friends set out for some ice drifting with some seriously high-end, exotic, and absurd vehicles that you would normally never, ever see in the snow.

There’s a highly-modified Mercedes-AMG GT S, Praga R1R, G-Class, and many more, including the star of the show, the Batmobile. Yes, the utterly outlandish, movie-style Batmobile took to the icy track and put down some serious drifts.

What a day of fun.

Source: Jon Olsson

Would you want to take the Batmobile out for some ice drifting?


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