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The 2017 Volvo S90: A Swede With Swagger

Volvo S90 (2)

A step in an exciting direction.

Personally, I have always loved Volvos (although you have heard me campaign for Saab, fervently). They represented people who were successful and had smart money. Safety was a given and, although they were known for their boxy shape (which I became fond of), they developed into some pretty good-looking cars. For the past several years, Volvo’s cars have been pretty good-running cars as well. While they haven’t exactly set the luxury car market on fire, they made a mark all their own.

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When Volvo announced that they were going to bow out of the auto show circuit, I was heartbroken. One of my regular duties during show season was to see what the Swedish carmaker was offering up every year. Whether it was all-new or refreshed, I was happy that they were there. I would love to have seen the reaction of the automotive press when the redesigned XC90 SUV would have been unveiled – offering an attractive design, innovative engines, and premium interior. Even without the help of auto show hype, Volvo has done quite well making sure that it is not forgotten.

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The next step in Volvo’s attempt to expand its share of the luxury market is the all-new S90 midsize luxury sedan. The S90 sits on the same platform as the XC90 and will offer the same turbocharged and supercharged, hybrid T8 engine setup as the larger SUV, assumedly making a similar output of around 400 horsepower. The latter rumored to do 0-60 mph in just over 5 seconds.

The XC90’s excellent material quality and user-friendly, tablet-like Sensus Connect infotainment system dominates the dash, meaning you will no longer have to deal with the sea of buttons in the current S80 and S60 sedans (although, for the record, I like buttons).

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Lofty goals like encroaching into even the base luxury sedan territory requires heavy artillery. This is why the new S90 will be offering Pilot Assist on the, a semi-autonomous feature that gives subtle steering inputs to keep the car properly aligned within lane markings up to motorway speeds of around 80 mph without needing to be guided by another car.

The, S90 will also offer a system capable of detecting large animals/objects that cross its path via a driver warning and, if needed, brake intervention.

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Along with the new duds, the S90 will return to the show scene to be publicly revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and it should hit dealerships this summer.

I am so glad to see Volvo aggressively go after market share with great products and eye-catching looks. Now all they need is for more people to acquire a taste for Swedish treats.

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