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We need more Car vs Truck Racing thanks to Volvo

Iron Knight vs S60 Polestar TC1

The Iron Knight vs Volvo S60 Polestar.

It’s a very unlikely matchup, but one that will easily leave you wanting more. Volvo has been making waves in racing with their S60 Polestar TC1 in FIA WTCC but also with their high-tech Iron Knight aka The World’s Fastest Truck.

While it may seem like a complete mismatch when it comes to motorsports, the two vehicles are pretty evenly matched. They may be designed for different forms of racing, but they are both at the top of their respective games.

Iron Knight vs S60 Polestar TC1

So, Volvo decided to show them off by having them race each other on the drag strip and the circuit. The first competition saw the two slug it out in a slippery quarter-mile with the Iron Knight taking home the prize.

Next up was the circuit course, which the Iron Knight was given a healthy lead to start. After the S60 Polestar TC1 was given the green light, it quickly caught up to the heavy and tall truck, passing it just before the finish line.

While it turned out to be an even 1 to 1 result, it shows the dedication that the Swedish brand has to high-performance vehicles.

Now if we could just get a Truck vs Car racing series going…

Source: Volvo

Would you rather race Volvo’s Iron Knight or the S60 Polestar TC1?


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