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Friday FAIL: Ferraris Can’t Climb

Friday FAIL: Ferrari Hillclimb Crash

That’s not how you win a race.

Racing isn’t easy. Racing in a hillclimb event on roads that weren’t designed for racecars is even harder. This Ferrari F430 GT’s fail shows us just why.

At a 180-degree inclined turn at this hill climb packed with spectators, the driver of the F430 GT tried to come in wide to compensate for the tight turn. The only problem was that it wasn’t wide enough and the racecar’s turning radius was sending it right into the wall.

Friday FAIL: Ferrari Hillclimb Crash

The driver attempted to correct, but it was too little, too late. And when he attempted to hit the throttle, he crashed the car and drove it partially up the wall. The guy wearing the camouflage jacket had the reaction that we all did with the major facepalm as the scene unfolded.

The driver got out to assess the situation and officials put out the caution flags as a Porsche 911 slowly drove around the accident.

Safe to say that this driver had a bad day.

Here’s another angle:

Source: Best Video, Alessandro Fent YouTube

How embarrassing was this crash for the Ferrari driver?


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