Ferrari Marks 50 Years in Japan with the Exclusive J50

Ferrari J50

A bespoke open-top two-seater.

At the National Art Center in Tokyo, Ferrari threw a special celebration to celebrate their 50th anniversary in Japan. This wasn’t just an average anniversary event with presentations, owners, and high-fashion; it was home to the launch of the new, strictly-limited Ferrari J50.

The new two-seat, mid-engined, roadster is based on the 488 Spider but has a very distinct and exclusive design that only 10 owners will be able to experience. A team of designers from the Ferrari Special Projects department and the Ferrari Styling Center in Maranello worked to create the 50th anniversary J50 with each of them being custom-tailored to each of the 10 owners.

Ferrari J50

The new Ferrari J50 has futuristic design language that captures the spirit of 1970s and ‘80s targa-bodied cars from Maranello. A low-slung stance and look emphasizes the dynamic character of the super car and its 690 CV (680 HP) twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V-8.

The sharp nose comes from the completely redesigned bumper and radiators that are positioned closer together. The edge sitting above is where the iconic black dividing line begins, which has been used on classic models such as the GTO, F40, and F50. The line moves around the sides of the Ferrari J50 and dives into the rear air intakes incorporated into the fenders, creating a beltline.

Ferrari J50

This black line also complements the “helmet visor” effect with the windows that see the side glass slant downwards from the windshield where they meet the black aerofoil between the roll hoops that protect the driver and passenger. The mid-mounted, twin-turbocharged V-8 engine sits beneath a transparent polycarbonate cover that conforms to two rounded roll hoops from the cockpit. The carbon fiber Targa top can be split into two pieces and stored behind both seats.

At the rear of the Ferrari J50, a special quad LED taillight design mimics the look of jet aircraft afterburners, emphasizing speed and power. A higher-downforce wing profile sits above a new diffuser with extractor shape that complements the new taillight design.

Ferrari J50

More powerful raised rear wheel arch crests create a commanding visual presence and house bespoke 20-inch forged wheels. Here, air intakes feed the engine and brakes with cool air while new carbon fiber intakes are positioned up front in the hood and channel air above the sweeping windshield.

Inside, the Ferrari J50 is similar to that of the 488 Spider, however unique trim elements are worn by the sport seats. The entire cabin is also tailored to each individual owner.

Ferrari J50

The featured Ferrari J50 shown in the 50th anniversary celebration in Tokyo features a three-layer red pain with a red and black Alcantara and leather cabin. Only 10 examples of the Ferrari J50 will be made, with each one built to suit their owner’s tastes.

Ferrari J50 Gallery

Source: Ferrari

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