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That Moment When you Hit a Pole in an Empty Parking Lot…

Subaru WRX Snow Drift Crash

Those light poles come out of nowhere.

Light poles – they’re the absolute worst thing to ever happen to drivers that just want to drift in a completely empty parking lot. They’re like deer – only smarter, seemingly popping up out of nowhere to cause damage to your vehicle. They don’t give an inch, but they take a mile.

Subaru WRX Snow Drift Crash

This Subaru WRX driver learned the hard way that these light poles are incredibly hard to avoid, especially during the wintertime in empty parking lots. While sliding between two trees in an empty lane, a light pole just popped up out of nowhere and hit the WRX, mid-drift.

There was nothing that the poor WRX or driver could do in this situation but to just accept the inevitable destruction of their all-wheel drive hatch.

Source: Stefan. M YouTube

How funny was this unavoidable drift crash in an empty, snowy parking lot?


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