This is a 3,000-HP, 5.5-Second Lexus RC F

World Record 3,000-HP Lexus RC F

Oh, and it can go 277.99 MPH.

So the team at EKanoo Racing team in the Kingdom of Bahrain knows more than a thing or two about making some awe-inspiringly fast cars. Their hardcore Lexus RC F is one of them and it’s just shattering times at the drag strip.

World Record 3,000-HP Lexus RC F

Their heavily-modified Lexus RC F packs two 94 mm turbochargers force-feeding its V-8 engine for an output of approximately 3,000-horsepower. At 2,550 lbs., it’s just asking to fly.

And fly it does. Here, the Lexus RC F was able to lay down an incredible 5.50-second quarter-mile run at 277.99 MPH (447.39 km/h).

That’s utterly insane.

Source: EKanooRacingTV YouTube

Would you like to take a crack at driving this 3,000+ HP Lexus RC F capable of going well over 200 MPH?


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