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This 60-year old lady isn’t afraid to lay down the rubber on the Drag Strip – Video


We wish that our grandmother’s could be like this lady!

Most drag strips are populated by men both young and old burning rubber and racing down a straightaway looking to achieve the fastest time. It’s not often that you see women, let alone older women, at the strip in the cockpit of a car ready to race.

Well, that’s exactly what this self-proclaimed “sixty-some-odd” year old lady behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with slicks was doing there. Her AMG is not exactly stock either, boasting about 475 horsepower with a few bolt-on upgrades.

She’s not afraid to put the pedal to the metal and has been doing it since she was a teenager. During the drag race, she was able to pull off an 11.72-second run at 119.68 mph run. Her husband also came with his ten-second Dodge Viper to lay down the rubber. Unfortunately for him, he seems to have broken a driveshaft.

We hope to see more of her racing down the drag strip in the future!

[Source: 1320video YouTube Channel]

Is she the coolest lady in a C63 AMG or what? Leave a comment and let us know!


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